Lalaboy PR works with artists and brands to increase exposure through branding, press, and strategic partnerships. We build and maintain strong relationships with the media through a combination of old school public relations communication using digital tools.


A boutique creative consulting, public relations, branding, and artist representation firm. Ivy League educated, with a combined background in the social sciences and creative arts, Lalaboy’s founders use their expertise to help creatives & brands expand their presence and awareness throughout traditional and digital media.  

What we do.

  • Get brands up to speed on local and national trends
  • Share traditional and digital pr expertise
  • Provide access to relationships, and build and cultivate new ones for you
  • Generate ideas that create authentic movements
  • Provide insights on ways to engage with the Latino market
  • Create campaigns specifically targeted to niche alternative audiences

How we do it.

  • We aim for a broad reach while maintaining brand voice and integrity
  • We craft carefully customized messaging
  • We share knowledge and integrate learnings
  • We focus on strategy and actionable results
  • We get wild, creative, and bold
  • We stay focused and specialize on what we do best : Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Art


We are ready to execute for you.

Bilingual Capabilities (English-Spanish)

Brand and Public Relations Strategy

Build and Nurture Media Databases

Content Creation

Copy Update / Copywriting

Event Creation and Production

Design and Development

Digital PR

Material Translations (English-Spanish)

Market Research

Media Kits



Press Releases

Public and Media Relations

Press Releases / Pitch Development

Press Releases Distribution

Social Media Management

Sponsored and Advertorial Partnerships

Website Design and Visual Branding


  • We conduct a comprehensive assessment of you.
  • We identify the ideal influencers for you.
  • We provide a solid roadmap for you.
  • We create PR campaigns that combine traditional and alternative tactics tailored to your brand’s ethos.  
  • We curate a targeted media world.
  • We organize and produce buzz-worthy interruptions.
  • We consistently communicate with your target audience and media.
  • We follow-up and secure placement.
  • We track coverage and provide results.
  • We assess and adjust our process as needed to maximize efforts.
  • We work with you to ensure placements translate into your goals.   




Founder, PR Research & Copy Master.

Suset Laboy brings her knowledge of social sciences and writing to Lalaboy’s creative lab. “I am a social scientist and a writer by training. Whenever I sit down to understand and give shape to my clients’ stories, I do so with a critical eye to revealing their true essence. I thrive in thoroughly researching each outlet we collaborate with. This helps me give substance to my work  and best understand how to pitch stories to the media.” Suset mixes this expertise with years of writing and consulting for other pr professionals to effectively communicate her clients’ messages.



Founder & PR Creative Director.

Maria Laboy has a background in design and architecture. Her innate eye for forms and aesthetic informs her point of view. “As a kid, I was always interested in how things looked and worked. I was the kind of child who used to touch everything. I liked to relate to the world around me in that way. I am always thinking about how things should look, should be presented, how people relate to images around them.”  This attention to detail and presentation help this Laboy present and represent her clients with excellence.