5 Highlights from HuffPost’s Live on Google’s .SOY

Two weeks ago, Google, better known for its lack of diversity, launched a new domain specially for Latinos, a world away from the .coms, .nets, and .orgs, made by (most likely) non-Latinos for Latinos. What ensued were debates on the move, and a host of recycled memes about the name. It made us cry, it made us laugh, and mainly it made us delve deep into issues of Latino identity. Today, HuffPost Live weighed in. In the spirit of full disclosure, one of our favorite Latino Rebels, Charlie Vázquez, took part in the discussion.

The Latino Communities of New York and Beyond

Latinos are at quite an interesting juncture in their history in the United States. Although we have been a presence in the United States since, oh well, the US of A was a tiny little baby, people have taken notice of Latino's (growing) buying power. As a result, Latino buying practices are being scrutinized and dissected. Back in October of last year, we had the opportunity to sit front row at one of the organizations trying to figure out precisely what makes Latinos tick.

Auralis Spring 2010-Our Very First Show (Gulp)

When we say that we learned what it’s like to build a company and a brand guerrilla style, we mean it. We learned by doing, taking on tasks that perhaps we were not quite ready for, but we took them on and fell, and learned, and thrived in these situations.

Karlo Karlo – Our Origin Story. Your Origin Story.

The truth is that origin stories are never linear, and there are many factors that contributed to the making of our brand, as we are sure happened with yours and we know for a fact happened with our clients’. The key to crafting a good origin story...