The Government of Puerto Rico Bets on Creative Industries to Move Its Economy Forward

We are serious and super excited to share just how to make it rain as a creative in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company (CCE for its name in Spanish) recently announced two competitions offering incentives to creative industries on the island given by the Law-173 to Develop Creatives Industries in Puerto Rico. The competitions are quickly coming to an end–as in you have 2 more days to apply–so go ahead and jump on the opportunity. It’s super easy to apply.

How big is the incentive? $100,000, meaning 50,000 for each competition–one for new enterprises and another one for established businesses. Winning proposals within the new businesses category stand to receive up to $5,000, and this money can go into jumpstarting your idea, securing the right permits and certificates for your business, buying new equipment or spend in other operational costs or simply investing directly in your creative project idea. If your business has been running for a bit longer, if it’s already established, you can receive up to $10,000 for investing in redesigning the operational physical facilities, promotion, marketing strategies, exporting and for expanding into new services.

We know plenty of amazing creatives in the island that could benefit from this. You know you are one of those if you belong to one of the following industries sectors: DESIGN (graphic, industrial, fashion), ART (music, visual arts, stage design and publishing), MEDIA (app development, video games, online media, multimedia and other digital content), CREATIVE SERVICES (architecture, creative education) and CREATIVE GROUPS (creative partnerships or associations, collectives).

So there you have it, ladies and gents, if you have a creative industry in Puerto Rico, you still have time until June 30th to throw your hat in the ring. The process is pretty simple once you understand it. Seriously, these incentives come at a moment where we all need to come together and support small and medium size businesses.


To apply you need to:

1.  Gather and have the right permits for your business at hand. Before you go to access the link to apply read over what’s needed in this Document with instructions.

2.  Apply to get certified under the Registry of Creative Industries– of the The Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company (Registro de Industrias Creativas de la Compañía de Comercio y Exportación). Make sure to locate your creative industry/business within the eligible NAICS Codes/Sectors (under the Law-173) on page 4 of this document.  Then Apply Here:  Once you submit this application it will take you immediately to the competition application link.

3.  Apply to enter the Competitions of Incentives. Before you go to access the link to apply read over what’s needed in this Document with instructions.

4.  Then Wait for the Results. The evaluating committee, composed of CCE staff and independent members of the creative sector, will confirm you belong to one of the sectors eligible above. You will then receive an email confirming your submission and entry to the competition. You might also receive an email denying your submission if your business is not really considered a creative industry. Or you may also receive an email asking for additional information to submit in order to certify you as a creative industry.

Go Apply. Good luck!

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