Lalaboy is more than a Public Relations firm. We are also a brand, standing for the alternative, the creative, and the authentic. Our diverse background intersect several worlds, making us a unique and layered brand. We know what it means to nurture and grow such a brand and look forward to doing that for you. 


We differentiate ourselves in the breadth and depth of experiences we’ve amassed. From design, to journalism, to the social sciences, our life projects and experiments translate into rich and textured campaigns for you. Peep our musings on our clients, the industry, creativity, and authentic communication. 


Keep up with what’s happening in Las Laboy’s and our client’s world. We are committed to each client’s voice and to sharing it authentically. We believe that creativity, integrity, and moxie are key to this process. That’s what gets us and our clients noticed. 


Two sisters who grew up loving: Salsa and Saved by the Bell; Cafe con leche and Cabbage Patch Kids.

Grew up to have: A Master’s in Latin-American Studies and a near-constant craving for pizza. A Master’s in Architecture and a killer recipe for Arroz con Pollo. 

Plus: A passion for helping emerging brands and artists achieve mainstream success while maintaining their authentic voice, and a desire to help brands achieve greater reach and loyalty from both traditional markets and the Latino market.


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